Digital Asset Custody

for Institutions

CoinsDo returns the control of digital assets like cryptocurrencies and NFTs back to the hands of institutions.

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The control of digital assets

For Institutions

A robust, institutional-grade custody solution engineered for secure storage, streamlined collection, and precise dispatch of digital assets.

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Multi-currency management

For Investors

A non-custodial MPC wallet with multi-chain and multi-currency management capabilities specifically crafted to meet the complex demands of institutions.

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Serving your different needs

What Sets CoinsDo Apart

With CoinsDo, there is no trade-off between speed and security. Our synergistic suite of solutions empowers businesses to secure your digital assets, streamline your operations, and scale up effortlessly.

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Airtight Security

Our proprietary Trusted Shard Computation (TSC) technology ensures robust and unrivaled protection for your digital assets.

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Unmatched Operational Efficiency

CoinsDo empowers businesses with key functionalities such as lightning-fast transactions, mass creation of deposit addresses, and automated withdrawals etc.

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Intuitive Interface

CoinsDo’s intuitive interface puts complex capabilities into an easily navigable format, making top-tier digital asset management accessible to all, regardless of technical prowess.

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Choosing us over others

Why CoinsDo

Our products fall into two major categories, allowing you to:

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Secure Your Assets

With our innovative implementation of Trusted Shard Computation (TSC), we offer an industry-leading standard of security. Your private keys are fragmented into multiple shards, preventing any single point of failure and significantly enhancing the protection of your digital assets.

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Scale Up Operations

From multi-chain and multi-currency management to features such as auto withdrawal, manual withdrawal, auto collection, and creating deposit addresses, we’ve got you covered with a solution specifically crafted to scale up your business without needing to hire additional blockchain engineers.

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Integrate to your product

Who We Serve

CoinsDo provides flexible APIs and cross-platform Signature tool which means that the corporations can integrate CoinsDo’s solution into their own application scenarios.

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Digital Currency Exchanges

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Digital Wallet Payment Project

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Blockchain Game Project

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Digital Currency Fund Project

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Settlement Service For Your Enterprise

Make seamless transactions with our Cryptocurrency to FIAT Settlement Service today!

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