Securing the Digital Assets of Tomorrow

As cryptocurrencies began reshaping the financial world, offering unprecedented opportunities for investment, transactional freedom, and decentralization, CoinsDo recognized an Achilles’ heel in this burgeoning ecosystem: security. With a clear understanding of the future potential of digital currencies, we set out to fortify this new financial frontier.

Securing the Digital Assets of Tomorrow

Our path

CoinsDo Est. 2017

Our first foray into the field was a series of unrelated blockchain security projects. Our experience from those projects strongly guided the prototype of the CoinsDo suite as you see it today.


To empower corporations with a secure, intuitive, and innovative digital asset management solution. Our mission is rooted in the belief that digital asset security is fundamental in the evolving digital economy. We are committed to bridging the gap between the potential of digital currencies and the security necessary to use them confidently, ensuring that every user, every transaction, and every investment is safeguarded.


Our vision is to revolutionize the blockchain economy by empowering businesses of all sizes to participate confidently and securely. We believe that the key to unlocking the explosive growth of digital assets lies in widespread, inclusive participation. CoinsDo is dedicated to eliminating the barriers of security concerns and associated costs, ensuring that businesses can seamlessly integrate into the blockchain ecosystem. By providing robust, cost-effective security solutions, we aim to pave the way for a diverse range of enterprises to contribute to and benefit from the digital asset revolution, fueling a new era of innovation, efficiency, and economic growth in the blockchain space.

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