Three Major Pain Points Blockchain Gaming Companies Face

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Three Major Pain Points Blockchain Gaming Companies Face

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The fusion of blockchain technology with gaming has ushered in a new era of possibilities - decentralized ownership, immutable gaming assets, and fair play. However, as blockchain gaming platforms strive to provide an enhanced user experience, they encounter a set of unique challenges.

This is where CoinsDo steps in. With its robust digital asset custody solutions, CoinsDo offers a game-changing remedy to some of the pressing issues faced by blockchain gaming companies. In this post, we'll delve into three core pain points and elucidate how CoinsDo can be the power-up your gaming platform needs.

#1 Inefficient Asset Management

The gaming world thrives on a constantly growing user base, with new players bringing in fresh enthusiasm and engagement. Blockchain gaming companies face the intricate challenge of onboarding numerous players while ensuring the seamless management of digital assets. One of the pivotal steps in this onboarding process is the mass generation of addresses for new users. This not only establishes a unique identity for each player within the blockchain but also facilitates the secure management of digital assets associated with each gaming account. However, the process of mass address generation can be a daunting task, laden with inefficiencies and potential for errors.

Additionally, the journey of a digital asset does not end at the player's wallet; it extends to a robust collection mechanism that ensures the safe transfer and storage of these assets. As players accumulate assets, the need for a secure and efficient asset collection process escalates. The transition of digital assets from player wallet addresses to cold storage for safekeeping is a journey that demands a high level of security and efficiency to prevent loss or theft.

The CoinsDo Solution

The automation and efficiency in generating and assigning blockchain addresses to new users are crucial for a smooth onboarding experience. CoinGet, as a part of the CoinsDo suite, excels in this domain by allowing for the unlimited generation of new addresses, which automatically notifies the user platform whenever funds are deposited in them. This ensures that blockchain gaming platforms can effortlessly scale along with their growing user base.

The architecture of CoinGet is designed to navigate through these challenges adeptly. By facilitating a seamless flow of digital assets from player wallets to a secure cold storage environment, CoinGet ensures that the treasures won in the virtual gaming world are safeguarded in the real world. This streamlined asset collection and secure storage mechanism not only bolster the trust of players in the gaming platform but also significantly enhance operational efficiency.

#2 Delayed Transaction Processing

In the exhilarating world of blockchain gaming, the bridge between the virtual and real-world value of digital assets is pivotal. The ability to access, transact, and withdraw digital assets in real-time is not just a convenience but a necessity for gamers. This urgency is further amplified during peak gaming seasons or tournaments, where the timely withdrawal of assets can significantly impact a player’s engagement and trust in the gaming platform.

Any delay in processing withdrawals can act as a bottleneck, hindering the smooth flow of assets from the gaming ecosystem to the player's wallet. This latency can, unfortunately, be a game spoiler. For instance, imagine a player who has just won a coveted in-game item or currency and is eager to withdraw and possibly trade it. A delay in processing this transaction can lead to frustration, anxiety, and a sense of helplessness.

Worst-case scenarios, the delay might even result in the player missing out on lucrative trading opportunities or being unable to use their winnings in a subsequent gaming event. Over time, recurring delays like this could lead to a tarnished reputation, with players potentially defecting to competitors offering quicker transaction processing. The ripple effect of such a scenario could extend to the broader gaming community, discouraging new players from joining and existing players from continuing their engagement.

The CoinsDo Solution

This is where the elegance and efficiency of CoinSend come into play. CoinSend, as a state-of-the-art automated payout solution, is engineered to combat the challenge of delayed transaction processing head-on. By ensuring that digital asset transactions are executed swiftly and securely, it stands as a bulwark against the erosion of trust and satisfaction among the gaming community. The 24/7 operational capability of CoinSend means that no matter when a player decides to withdraw their assets, the platform is ready to process the transaction without delay.

Additionally, the secure processing of transactions by CoinSend reinforces the trust players have in the platform. Knowing that their digital assets are handled securely during transactions, players can focus on what they love most – immersing themselves in the gaming experience.

#3: Security Concerns

Security is also a major concern for blockchain gaming companies when it comes to the management, transaction, and storage of digital assets. These assets, be they in-game currencies, collectibles, or tokens representing real-world value, are the lifeblood of the gaming ecosystem. The security handling of these assets is not merely a technical requirement but a covenant of trust between the gaming platform and its users. Any breach or mishandling of these assets could significantly erode this trust, potentially leading to a mass exodus of players to more secure platforms, and tarnishing the reputation of the gaming company in the competitive market.

The CoinsDo Solution

CoinsDo’s non-custodial digital asset custody solution is engineered to provide a fortified environment for secure transaction processing. Unlike traditional custodial solutions, the non-custodial nature of CoinsDo's solution ensures that the control and ownership of digital assets remain with the users, thereby significantly reducing the risks associated with centralized control.

But the security narrative does not end here. Every transaction made by the company can be further authenticated by CoinSign, an invaluable facet of the CoinsDo suite. This level of authentication is especially helpful for high-value transactions, where fraud or any other malicious activities could lead to catastrophic losses.

Level Up Your Gaming Ecosystem with CoinsDo

Adopting CoinsDo’s solutions can be a game-changer for blockchain gaming companies looking to overcome the hurdles of asset management, transaction delays, and security concerns. By addressing these pain points, CoinsDo not only enhances the operational efficiency of gaming platforms but also significantly elevates the gaming experience for the users. As blockchain gaming continues to evolve, integrating with robust solutions like CoinsDo can set the stage for a more secure, efficient, and enjoyable gaming ecosystem.

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